The game

Hyaline is a symbiotic survival game set on an alien planet- your goal is to survive by learning about the world around you. On one condition: you help the world survive, too. It has a heavy focus on empathy, with violence not being the only answer, and its aim is to cultivate awareness of how our actions impact everything around us. It is part survival, part narrative, part exploration, and one part of a large worldbuilding project by Gabriel Morgan.

Platforms: Windows & Linux
Release date: TBA. Currently on hold until the world guide is released (see Patreon for updates)
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Contact e-mail: contact@machinesbleedtoo.com

The world

Hyaline is a super-Earth that orbits a G0 star. Its sky features rings comprised of rock and three moons that shepherd them. It is home to extraordinary biodiversity; life was born when the many continents were already formed, segregating its very first fingerprints. It is more hostile than Earth at its worst, more serene at its best.

The planet is known among its inhabitants as Nierio or Kazauthi- depending on the language- of which the approximate translation is the game's namesake. There are many species that are of human intelligence, and you get to play as one of them.

Image of world map
The world map, as depicted by Kol

You are an Amiel person of the Gukeur tribe native to the rainforest in which the game is set, and you are lead by an ancient biomechanical entity named Kol. You are a bipedal egg-laying simultaneous hermaphrodite, with patterns on your fur that resemble sunlight through trees, indicating that you are diurnal.

Your people are balance-keepers of your forest front yard, with specialties ranging from ecologists to storytellers. You have been enlisted to explore a sudden influx of unusual phenomena and to solve the puzzle of their recklessness. Your home is unhappy; you must figure out why.

For a more detailed breakdown of the properties of the planet, you can read about that here.


What accessibility options will be included?

Particle and light effect options, font & text backing colour customization, minimal keybinds required and the ability to completely remap them (to keyboard and/or mouse). Those are all we can promise as things stand.

Will Hyaline be localized?

Sadly, no; it has quite a lot of text in it, and being that there are also fantasy languages involved that need translations back and forth, it isn't affordable for us to implement it.

Where is Hyaline being developed?

Mainly in Australia, with help from people all over the world.


Gabriel Morgan

Producer • Lead artist • Writer • Designer

Gabriel has over 10 years experience in freelance illustration, an education in Small Business Management, and has many years work experience & an upbringing in legal. They are constantly learning new things- from scientific topics to creative persuits- and consider learning to be a hobby of theirs. They are currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in Cybersecurity and minoring in Neuroscience.

Katelyn Gigante

Programmer • Designer

Katelyn has been working in the games industry for 6 years and has a Bachelors of Computer Science; she is most passionate about AI & UX design. Her other pursuits include being the community manager for her local Gaymers group, and co-founding a co-working space for interdisciplinary artists called All Day Breakfast.

Photo by Izzy Gramp

J Von Baron

3D character artist • Animator

Mel is a lecturer at multiple colleges teaching 3D art, animation & character design. They have a Bachelors degree in Media (Screen Production) and a Masters degree in Animation. They adore things of the monstery variety, and videogames- naturally!

Aaron Edwards

Composer • Sound designer

Aaron is a multi award winning composer, sound designer & audio engineer in film, TV & games with over 10 years experience. He is a collector of antique instruments, one of which is a pedal organ from 1872. Yes, it still works.


Kaylee Fisher & Joseph Shoer for their astrophysics guidance • Redwood and Alex for their invaluable moral support • 7-Eleven coffee for keeping Gabriel vaguely functional • The folks at IGDA Melbourne & The Arcade for, well, everything really • All Day Breakfast for giving us a place to call home • Izzy Gramp for her support, love and advice • And all of our friends, fans & patrons whom we couldn't do this without.


Here are some ways you can support the development of Hyaline:

Thank you for your support! We couldn't do this without your help. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

© Gabriel Morgan, 2015
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